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Learning Arabic is not an easy thing. It doesn't help that there are not many resources available to learn for free. Looking around you can find software costing hundreds of dollars.

EZ Arabic is an open source project with the missionary in mind. Each part of the program is designed for folks wishing to serve the Lord in the Middle East or North Africa

Are you using a mac? If you are How to install Linux Apps on Mac View this walkthrough then download the Linux Version.

Features of EZ Arabic

  • Free: EZ Arabic is free and open source. You can not only download it and share it but you are encouraged to do so. (GPL)

  • The more the program is shared and changed the more it will improve over time.

  • 100% compatable with Linux and Windows

  • Add words you learn into the dictionary for future reference.

  • Write words you learn and share it with your friends or even with us.
  • Learn the Arabic Alphabet

  • When you click on a letter you will hear the sound as spoken by a native speaker
    In this version you will be able to learn the numbers in both Standard Arabic and in the Lebanese dialect
  • Test your skills

  • Try your wits against our quiz to see how well you have learned.
  • Read along

  • Read through the Gospel of John in Arabic alongside an audio playing each chapter

    Windows Download

    To install on windows make sure that you can read the Arabic script on your computer. Most XP computers do not have this installed by default.

    If your computer looks like this Example installation without Arabic script then you probably need to install arabic script for your computer. EZ Arabic antivirus scan report at downloadtube.com

    There are a few current issues with the current version in Windows. The "letter commando" music does not work during the ingame. If it works for you, or does something strange please let me know. I will fix this as soon as possible.

    Download links for Windows
    Download from our servers

    Alternate: freewarefiles.com

    Linux Download

    Our new Linux version is ready for download. To use simply download the file, then extract to a directory. (For example, /home/user/EZ_Arabic/) Then open "EZArabic". If it does not run check to make sure it is executable.
    Download Here

    What's next for EZ Arabic?

    The next version will have more games, and more sounds. I plan to make some basic games to teach things like directions, basic nouns, and anything else you all can suggest.

    Would anyone be interested in a Mac version? Post your idea

    Edit our code

    AFC's EZ Arabic was programmed in Autoit Script. The source code is in the program directory "ezarabic.au3". The programming languge is quite simple for anyone who has ever learned a basic dialect.

    5.1 and up uses a new code baseI have changed the programming language for the code from using Autoit to using realbasic. I have done this so that the code can be more easily ported to multiple platforms. Right now the same code would work on Windows, Mac and Linux. With Autoit I was not able to do this without having to have different versions of code wandering around. I wouldn't be too surprised if I change languages again for it in a year or so when more options become available however for now this will work. The old source code for 5.0 is still inside the package. If you wish to use it, go for it. I would really like to know about any projects that anyone wants to go for with it, however I will be focusing on the realbasic code.

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    Download Links

    Download the Linux Version

    Download Windows Version

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