Witnessing 202

This is to be a more expanded version of Witnessing 101

Here you will find a series of podcasts specifically talking about witnessing to Muslims. Each of these will be generally short, and to the point. They are designed to contain information that you can actually use, rather than a lot of facts that are hard to remember.

Each podcast will also contain Arabic words that you need to learn to use in evangelism.

Date ReleasedDescription and download link
08/23/2009The importance of the Law and its use in witnessing to Muslims
08/23/2009God's unchanging Word Muslims generally claim that the Bible was changed so as a result the Quran the Bible had to come
08/28/2009The divinity of Christ We will be talking about how to explain to a Muslim, Christ's divine nature.
08/28/2009Evidence of the Cross the Cross is the center of the Gospel message. Without it there is no payment of sin...

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