Downloadable Tracts

These are a collection of tracts ready to be printed and used for outreach. As time permits we hope to grow this section to help equip you with tools to reach out to people around you. In each ZIP you will find 4 files. ODP files can be edited with Open Office

The PDF file contains a "ready to go" file that you can just print up. Keep in mind that these files contain phone numbers that you might want to change so that people can contact you in the event that they have questions.

There is also a readme file in each ZIP. They contain just a little bit if information, and some contact information in the event that you need help with getting these to work, or if you would like to translate them into another language, or if you have any questions.

May God bless you as you spread the Good News!

Khoroso's dream
Tract TitleTract DescriptionLanguage
Arabic Tracts
10 CommandmentsThis tract goes through the 10 commandments to show a sinner their need of the SaviorArabic
We are all like cockroachesTract based on "In the hands of an angry God"Arabic
Video downloads
Khalil's dreamThis is an excellent film for evangelism. The video is in Arabic, about a man who came to the Lord as a result of seeing a vision of Christ.
Ali's dreamAli traveled to Saudi to try and quit drinking while there he encountered the living Christ.
As a teenager he struggled with depression after the death of a realitive. He then started to seek for answers, after reading the Injil he sees a vision of Christ
Jesus FilmThis is the popular Jesus film in Arabic
English Tracts
Free Heart CheckupWe all need our hearts checked often, with the Word of GodEnglish
The Way of TruthThe discussion between Jesus and Nicodemus about being born againEnglish
We are all like cockroachesTract based on "In the hands of an angry God"English
Maltese Tracts
1% GuiltyThis tract gives a story about a man who stills a car and then tries to justify himself before the judge by stating that he is a good person and such. Uses the law of God to show a person his need of the Savior.Maltese
French Tracts
We are all like cockroachesTract based on "In the hands of an angry God"French