Arabic letter game

How did you do? Post your score and comments below. If you didn't do so good, maybe you should review the Arabic Letters.

This was only a demo

If you want to try the full game you have to download it.

The downloadable version has better sounds and is more fun.

Download Links:

For Windows.

Linux Version

To install simply extract and change "Arabic Missile Commando" inside the main folder to executable and it will run. (it might already be set for you)

The source code is included as the program is open source. The program was made in Blitzmax. Feel free to visit our ScourceForge project page.

Are you using a mac? If you are How to install Linux Apps on Mac View this walkthrough then download the Linux Version.

There is another game you can try, though it is very similar to the one above. It has different sounds, and nothing falling at you. Arabic letters game

So, what next? Maybe you should head over to the Read Along page and practice your reading more. Or Return to the arabic learning center

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