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There are a few things that might help you understand why we have chosen this chatroom as a way of connecting with one another and with you.

For one thing, IRC is a lot safer place than facebook or simple email. When you send a note from you to a friend on facebook for example... Your note goes from you to facebook to your friend. The message can be intercepted by a government and used against you.

So lets say you wanted to have a safe private conversation with your missionary friend in Saudi. You could meet him here, and talk via private message and have a much more safe conversation. If you wanted to make things more safe, you could download an "IRC Client" and connect to here and have a "DCC Chat" which would even encrypt the chat.

Simple Commands
/joinThis command is very useful. Lets say you are in the chatroom, and you would like to have a private chat with a group of people. You can do this easily by typing /join #newroom. You would want to change #newroom to whatever name you want, you just need to have # as the starting point. You then would be in control of your own room, able to kick people out and moderate as you please. So for our example, /join #saudi
/queryYou can either type that command in, or simply click someone's name and click query. This will launch a private chat between you and that individual.

For frequent visitors it would be more easier to simply download a program to automatically connect to the chatroom. This also would add more features to your experience as you would be able to share files, have encrypted conversations, have sounds notify you when people come online, etc...

Encrypt your chat

There are a couple of programs that you can easily get to connect to here. Simply search for "IRC CLients". On Linux we recommend connecting via Xchat or xchat aqua for mac. For windows you can use, AFC Chat Client

Here is the information you need to provide the program to connect. If you use the windows program it will automatically connect you.

If you have problems setting up a program to automatically connect you come by the chatroom using the top of this page and talk to someone in there to give you a hand.