Lebanon Evangelism projects

Bible Distribution Tables: We have two tables up and running and work together with two other groups that are involved with the same ministry here in Lebanon. We have one in Beirut and one in Tyre. We distribute Bibles in Arabic and in Farsi (Persian). We pass out (together with others) around 300 Gospels a day! We are in need of more people to get involved to help with preaching the Gospel here.

Lebanon is unique in the middle east as it is the only country where you have complete freedom to preach the Gospel without interference from the government.

You may not be able to preach the Gospel so easily in other Arab countries, but here you can. You might be able to pass out 30 or 40 Bibles a year in a closed country, but here you can do that in a day to people from the same country. There are many tourists here all the time from Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Syria and other Middle Eastern country. If you feel the Lord has called you to other countries, Lebanon might be a good starting place to help you get equipped and experienced with witnessing to Muslims.

Youth Outreach: we have a youth group of street kids that meets twice a week. These kids are hungry for the Gospel and just plain hungry. They are real fun to be with and fun to take with on outreaches.

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